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Maybe you're not meant to foster...

...but maybe you are meant to support the people who do.

This year we are asking for you to consider giving to foster and adoptive families in Oklahoma. We recognize not everyone is called to take a child in their home, but we do believe we are all called to play a part.

As #GivingTuesday is upon us please consider joining the fight to ensure all children have a loving and safe home to call their own.

Meet Melody and her beautiful family. We asked Melody why she decided to take in foster children and a little about her story.

This is what she shared with us.

Both my husband and I felt like God had called us to open our home and give to children in need however we could. We have had so much joy in our lives because of foster care that it's impossible to describe, however, from the smallest moments of seeing a child’s face light up when they get new shoes that fit to receiving big hugs and hearing I love you when you know how much a child has been through is the best feeling in the world. But seeing a child who has been in custody for 12 years with tears in his eyes saying I think I finally do have a home, definitely stays with you for a lifetime. A moment we will remember forever is when we were taking kids with us to church week after week and after one Sunday a child told us that they wanted to accept Jesus in their heart and if we would should them how. I will always remember that moment. I may not change the whole world but I can change the world for each child I serve.

Please consider partnering with us this #GivingTuesday as we serve families like Melody's.

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