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Can I foster if I am single?

Meet Katrina!

A single foster mom that we are so honored to know. We asked her a few questions about her journey and were so blessed by her answers. She is definitely a rockstar in our eyes.

Please tell us a little more about yourself!

I am Katrina. I am a single foster/adoptive parent. I have been a foster parent for 18 years. What do you do for work?

I have a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy. I work for a local non-profit that helps children who have been impacted by a parent or caregivers substance use disorder. Where are you from?

I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada but as a tween I moved to Puerto Rico and then moved to Reno, Nevada in my late teens. I have been in Oklahoma for about 8 years now.

Did you have children in the home prior to becoming a foster parent?

Kind of. My first “placement” was guardianship of a teen. I was only 20 and she was 16, my first biological child was born less than a year later. She was followed by my then 5 year old who is now 22. When was the first time you heard about Foster Care?

I grew up with kinship foster placements and my best friend in middle school was in foster care, so I have never not known about foster care. What was the tipping point in making the first call to DHS to become foster parents?

I didn’t really do that! After my oldest was living with me I took a part time job in a church nursery. At this time there was no such thing as prudent parenting and it was impossible to find respite. My church was heavily involved in foster care and asked me to become a respite home so I could help with the families since the children already knew me…so I did. Knowing what you know now, would you do it all over again?

I will give a complicated yes. I can’t imagine not fostering but I definitely wish I knew then what I know now! How long do you think you will be foster parents?

I keep saying I am done and then I keep taking kids so I don’t know. How has FCAO played a role in your foster journey?

They have been a great place to make friends, build community, vent, and find resources. How important is community to you?

My church family is very important to me and have been a great help to me on this journey. As a single foster parent with some children with special needs I also rely heavily on my friends to be my family.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about becoming a single foster parent?

You can do do need a village, but it's more than possible. Reach out to FCAO and then can help you find your community!

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