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"...I felt a still small voice inside and I knew... here am I; send me. "

Today we asked Jill Dryer, a single momma and full time DHS employee a little about her foster care journey. Thank you, Jill, for opening your home and your heart to these precious children in need.


1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I was born in Springfield, MO. I currently live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma I am a Permanency Planning Specialist for DHS and am now a single momma.

2. Did you have children in the home prior to foster care? Yes, I have 3 bio children in the home.

3. What was the tipping point in making the first call to DHS/Agency to become foster parents? There was a special needs kiddo at my friend’s school who was unable to find placement, and at 7 years old, was about to be sent to a group home. I felt a still small voice inside, and I knew…Here am I; Send me.

4. How long do you think you will be foster parents? My current placement is looking like an adoption. I will probably take a break for a bit after the adoption is finalized. 5. How has FCAO played a role in your foster journey? FCAO has helped create a community of people for me that understand EXACTLY what I’m going through on any given day.

6. How important is community to you? Community is key to success. I just had dinner this week with another foster momma. We both unloaded on each other the things you just can’t say to other parents.

7. What would you tell someone who is thinking about becoming a foster parent?

Ask questions about the placement. Determine if you want to go through an agency or DHS. I also encourage you to find a support group of other foster families.

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