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Dear Friend and Partner,

Twenty-twenty-one continues to show us just how essential our support system is in helping us meet the needs of the ones we love. Each individual, with their unique strengths and abilities serving together to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all.

During the month of March, the Foster Care and Adoptive Association of Oklahoma (FCAO) is asking you to join us in celebrating all the many women and men who are ESSENTIAL in keeping our children in care safe. Teachers, police officers, medical staff, faith leaders, foster parents, adoptive parents, counselors, judges, lawyers, CASA volunteers, child care providers, and child welfare workers are all working together to ensure children's safety and wellbeing.

We are offering two pathways for our community partners to help us raise awareness and show support.

The first is by purchasing a shirt for you and those essential in your life by clicking here and encouraging those in your network to do the same. ESSENTIAL shirts are available in long and short sleeves and four different colors. With your help, this Serving Our State Together #loveisessential #buy1give1 campaign will provide a t-shirt for Oklahoma Department of Human Services child welfare workers. For every shirt purchased, one will be gifted.

The second is through making a donation to be utilized for the purchase of any additional shirts not matched and packaging material.

Our goal is to show some love to all 2,400 of our frontline child welfare heroes, ESSENTIAL to the Oklahoman's they serve.

We cannot do this without your help and support. Pre-order your shirts today or make a tax deductible donation by clicking here or mailing a check to P.O. Box 117 OKC, OK 73101!

We appreciate your support in helping us show an often forgotten group of heroes just how ESSENTIAL they truly are. Sale ends March 30th.

Sarah Herrian

Executive Director

Foster Care and Adoptive Association of Oklahoma

(877) FCAO-411

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